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With the 3D Print Head PH-40 you can create high quality 3D models layer by layer. The variable temperature control makes it possible to use all filaments with a processing temperature of 150 to 265°C and a diameter of 1.75 mm. Additionally, the PH-40 contains numerous useful features, e. g. the quick release for the filament change, the automatic shutdown of the hot-end and the heating or the integrated active cooling of the hot-end, making 3D printing even more comfortable and safe.

In order to start 3D printing, please export an STL-file from your CAD program or select one of the many templates you will find in the internet. Afterwards, this file needs to prepared for the STEPCRAFT CNC System in a slicing software like CURA. This is also where the most significant 3D print parameters, such as layer thickness, nozzle diameter and infill, are defined. You will find a download file with the most important parameters for CURA here. The created work file can be processed by the control software WinPC-NC, UCCNC or others.

The control software WinPC-NC Starter does not support the operation of the 3D Print Head. Either an upgrade to the USB full version or the control software UCCNC is required.

Technical Specification (Control Unit):

  • Temperature control between 150 to 265°C (equals 300 to 500 degree Fahrenheit)
  • Integrated system control to handle print temperature and temperature of the heating bed
  • Continuous speed control of the optional workpiece fan
  • Automatic shutdown of hot-end and heating bed when printing is finished
  • 2-row LC-Display
  • Language setting (German, English, French, Spanish)
  • 15-Sub-D plug to connect control box to STEPCRAFT CNC System (Plug-and-Play)
  • External power supply with 30 V 120 W
  • Integration on other CNC routers possible due to documented interface (see operating instruction)
  • Dimension: L 200 mm x W 165 mm x H 64 mm

Technical specification (Printing Head):

  • Possible diameter of filament: 1.75 mm
  • Filament material can be any material with a processing temperature between 150 to 265°C (equals 300 to 500 degree Fahrenheit)
  • Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm, optional nozzle diameters available (0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0 mm)
  • Integrated active cooling for the hot-end
  • Continuously adjustable pressure on the pinch roller for the feed of filament
  • Quick release for the filament exchange
  • Integrated connector socket for optional workpiece fan
  • 43 mm mounting collar
  • 40 Watts heating cartridge (hot-end)
  • Length of flexible hose connection: 0.8 m
  • Easy change of printing nozzle
  • Dimension: L 80 mm x W 55 mm x H 110 mm

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1 x control box with print head PH-40 and 0,4 mm nozzle
  • 1 x power supply
  • 1 x 15-Sub-D connection cable
  • 1 x acrylic printing table 150 x 250 mm (unheated)
  • 1 x filament tray (assembly kit)
  • 1 x operating manual with various download links
  • 1 x first steps manual

System Requirements:
Additional 4th axis module to control the 3D Print Head is not required for operation via USB-interface. The control software of the STEPCRAFT must be UCCNC or Win PC-NC as a full version, newest release with 3D printing functionality Existing Win PC-NC installations can be easily updated free of charge Any other CNC control software with 4th axis capability can be used.


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